A U Shaped Restaurant Booth, also known as Horse Shoe Booth, Half Circle Booth, Circle Booth and Half Round Booth is the ultimate privacy and comfort providing dining booth. It is a great feeling to have your loved ones, and acquaintances circled around you in the most comfortable way and with great privacy but not cut off from the rest of the environment while you eat great food and have a lovely time.

U Shaped Restaurant Booths can be made to accommodate almost any size and height desired and can provide a luxury and style that you won’t get from simple chairs and tables.


U Shaped Booth Dimensions

When choosing the perfect dimensions of a horse shoe booth, it is recommended that the width is no shorter than 7’ or 84” wide. Due to the shape and style of the U Shaped Booths, this width allows 2 people to sit opposite of each other without bumping into each other's knees or stepping over each other. 


Inside space U Shaped Restaurant Booth Dimensions, Measurements, Specifications


U shaped booths are often chosen with the purpose of taking advantage of small dining areas that would otherwise be unused or will not look the same with a simple table and chairs. A U shaped booth can transform an unused nook into a lovely, comfortable, elegant and inviting seating are that provides privacy ease of use. Choose a small horse shoe booth to fill in a small corner or choose a large U shaped booth to fill in an entire wall in a Restaurant, Nigh Club and more.


How many people fit inside U Shaped Booth? 


# U Shaped Booth Size - Depth x Width x Depth U Shaped Booth Total Length Quantity of People U Shaped Booth Supports
1 48" by 84" by 48" 15' Feet 3 to 4
2 48" by 96" by 48" 16' Feet 4 to 5
3 48" by 120" by 48"  18' Feet 5 to 6
4 48" by 144" by 48"  20' Feet 6 to 7
5 48" by 168" by 48"  22' Feet 7 to 8
6 48" by 192" by 48"  24' Feet 8 to 9
7 48" by 216" by 48"  26' Feet 9 to 10
8 48" by 240" by 48"  28' Feet 10 to 11
9 48" by 288" by 48"  32' Feet 12 to 13
10 48" by 312" by 48"  34' Feet 13 to 14
11 48" by 336" by 48"  36' Feet 14 to 15
12 48" by 360" by 48"  38' Feet 15 to 16

Here are the most common dimensions of a U shaped Booth and how many people they can fit.



#1 - 48" by 84 by 48, fits 3 to 4 people.



#2 - 48" by 96" by 48", fits 4 to 5 people.



#3 - 48" by 120" by 48", fits 5 to 6 people. 


#4 - 48" by 144" by 48", fits 6 to 7 people.



#5 - 48" by 168" by 48", fits 7 to 8 people.


16' foot Wide U Shaped Booth Space Dimensions

#6 - 48" by 192" by 48", fits 8 to 9 people. 



#7 - 48" by 216" by 48", fits 9 to 10 people.



#8 - 48" by 240" by 48", fits 10 to 11 people. 



#9 - 48"  by 288" by 48", fits 12 to 13 people. 



#10 - 48" by 312" by 48", fits 13 to 14 people.



#11 - 48" by 312" by 48", fits 14 to 15 people. 


30' foot Long U Shaped Booth Space Dimensions
#12 - 48" by 360"  by 48", fits 15 to 16 people.



Radius vs No Radius Corners

U Shaped Booth Radius vs No Radius corners custom


Another detail to think of when choosing a U-shaped booth is corner style. There are 2 styles of corners, Radius vs No radius.

A radius corners will create a comfortable seating experience as the booth is pushed forward to create a curvature on each corner. The table that will be placed in this corner will also need to have a matching radius. A table with matching radius corners will create an even spacing between table and back rest of booth. This spacing will be the same from through the entire seating area. The corner piece of a U-shaped booth with radius is built in 1 complete piece. This creates a large piece of furniture that will require you to have double doors in your restaurant or facility.

A booth with square corners can sometimes be considered modern compared to the classic radius corner booth. This style is usually split on the corner allowing you to break booth down into smaller pieces. A U-shaped booth with square corners, no radius corners can fit through any standard door including residential locations.


Common Depth of U Shaped Booth

Common Standard U Shaped Booth Depth Size Deep

The most common depth of a U-shaped booth is 48” Deep or 4’ feet. The 4 feet of depth allows only 1 person to sit on this section making it easy for someone sitting on the length to come out.

Other depths used in U-shaped booths are 54” Deep and 60” Deep. For shorter booths where only a few people fit, it is recommended that there are no more than 54” of depth.

Small sized horseshoe booths benefit by having the smallest amount of people sitting on sides. It is inconvenient to have 3 people sitting on each side get up every time another person sitting on the inside needs to get out of booth.  This does not apply so much on larger U-shaped booths with multiple tables because spacing between each table make it easy for anyone to come out of necessary.


Height Options for U-Shaped Restaurant Booths

Standard Restaurant Booth Height and Height Options


There are 2 most popular height of U Shaped booths and they are 36” High and 42” High. Other common heights are 48” High, 54” High and 60” High. Depending on your sealing height and seating arrangement goals, you can choose any of the heights available to fulfill the desired outcome.

The lowest common height is 36”, this height is popular when your goal is to keep dining area looking clean. You can see over your shoulder, rest arm on booth and will not make your restaurant look or feel crowded.

The 42” height is the most requested height for U shaped booths. It is between the shortest 36” Height and one of the privacy offering heights of 48” from floor to top of booth.


What size table fits inside a U Shaped Booths?

For smaller booths you can get away with only 1 table, however for larger U shaped booths you can utilize multiple tables including a mixture of 2 seater tables and 4 seater tables. You can also combine them to accommodate larger parties. Length and depth of U shaped booth will determine the size of table you can use.

When determining the size of table, you can match the exact size of the available interior space or you can overlap the table over seat. It is common to overlap table by 2” pass the seat. You can also extend the table pass the depth of the booth as needed.

# U Shaped Booth Size - Depth x Width x Depth Recommended Table Size to fit U Shaped Booth Quantity of Tables to fit in U Shaped Booth
1 48" by 84" by 48" 24" by 36" or 26" by 40" 1
2 48" by 96" by 48" 24" by 48" or 26" by 52" 1
3 48" by 120" by 48"  24" by 72" or 26" by 76" 1
4 48" by 144" by 48"  24" by 96" or 26" by 100" 1
5 48" by 168" by 48"  24" by 48" or 26" by 50" 2
6 48" by 192" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" 3
7 48" by 216" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 4
8 48" by 240" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 5
9 48" by 288" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 6
10 48" by 312" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 6
11 48" by 336" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 7
12 48" by 360" by 48"  24" by 30" or 26" by 32" - Adjustable 7

Table Size for 84#1 - 24" Deep by 36" Wide to 26" by 40"


Table Size for 96

#2 - 24"Deep by 48" Wide to 26" by 52"


Table Size for 120

#3 - 24"Deep by 72" Wide to 26" by 76"


Table Size for 144

#4 - 24"Deep by 96" Wide to 26" by 100"


Table Size for 168



Table Size for 192



Table Size for 216



Table Size for 240



Table Size for 288



how many tables can 26' foot u shaped booth fit



Table Size for 336



how many tables can a 30' foot u shaped booth fit




Three Popular Circular Booth Styles

3 popular circular u shaped booth styles


Option A - The most common U shaped booth comes with fully finished triangles to create a box style back leaving only the interior with curves. This is the most common shape because it fits into a square dining area filling in the corners with booth to prevent empty space. You can push them together to create one seamless line of furniture. Choose from round or rectangular tables.

U Shaped Booth with Square Back, Triangle Corners


Option 2 - U Shaped booth is same as Option 1 except that the triangles are not present. Instead, the back cover of entire booth flows from one end to the other creating a smooth and fluid seating space. The back is entirely closed most of the time and no interior structure is exposed. This style is popular in nightclubs and alike. These types of booths are usually away from walls and sit island style in the middle or around your floor. They are also requested when a custom backing is created by a general contractor, this curvature frame usually matches walls or something else in the restaurant and the U shaped booth with no triangle corners fits inside this space. You can use round or rectangular tables.

U Shaped Booth with No Back Triangle


Option 3 - This option considered is a fully circled booth. This style is popular in high end restaurants, nightclubs and alike. The half circle restaurant booths have a fully covered back and usually sit away from walls in an island style like Option 2 booths. The table requires to be circular in shape as it needs to match the curved interior.

Circular Booth Seating for Restaurants and Nightclubs


Can U Shaped Booths be Made in Bar Height?

Bar High U shaped booth, 30


Yes, making a U shaped booth bar height can be as simple as changing the base height. Standard dining seat height is 18". A seat height for U shaped can be adjusted to standard 30" Seat Height which will comply with industry standard bar height seating. To match, the table and base will also need to be adjusted. A standard bar height table to match bar height booth will need to be 42" industry standard. This combination will create a bar height seating area. 

Bar High U Shaped Booth Options

Creating a Bar Height U Shaped booth is a great way to keep a leveled seating and standing atmosphere specially for night clubs and bars where a large portion of the visitors will be standing. The bar height seating area will prevent the standing crowd from towering over you while you eat and will keep you at eye level with the rest of the crowd.

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