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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Wood Color Options

    We have dozens of wood stain options for you to choose from. Our commercial wood colors can be applied to Wood Booth Frames, Tables, Custom Chairs, Wood Trash Receptacle and Wood Cashier stands.
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  2. Restaurant Booth Upholstery Options

    Our selection of Restaurant Booth Upholstery has been carefully selected to meet the high standard of commercial use. Choose from Vinyl, Fabric, Swede and more.
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  3. Top Trending Custom Corner Restaurant Booth Seats

    Here are 2 of the Most Popular Custom Corner Restaurant Booths in the industry that will help you Save Money, Maximize Space and Transform your Dining Area.
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  4. Single and Double Restaurant Booths Layout

    Single and Double Restaurant Booths are a great addition to your Restaurant Seating area. Custom single and double booths can be made into any size needed per Layout
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  5. [7] Tips to Improve Your Commercial Restaurant Seating

    The setup and seating type of your restaurant is the basis for the design of the restaurant. Whether you’re opening a new establishment or thinking of remodeling your current restaurant, there are a few things that you can do to ensure a well-designed restaurant seating scheme.
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  6. Restaurant Booth Height and Depth

    The layout of your restaurant and the way it looks has a lasting impact on customers, not only while they are there enjoying their meal but how they feel once they leave. Restaurant booth height and depth are two quintessential aspects of these restaurant booths and the interior design of your eating area. These specifications of the furniture are so small, yet can make such a difference.
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