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  1. U Shaped Restaurant Booth Seating Explained

    A U Shaped Restaurant Booth, also known as Horse Shoe Booth, Half Circle Booth, and Half Round Booth is a great way to provide privacy and VIP style seating for visitors to your restaurant. Custom built to almost any size and height. Available in multiple sizes to fit, 3, 6, 8, 12 and more.
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  2. What is a Banquette Style Booth Seating?

    Banquette Style Seating is a very common seating arrangement in a Restaurant due to it's flexibility and space saving benefits. Banquette Booths give you best of both words, with booth seating on one end and dining chair son the other. Banquette booths can take different size tables that can later be pushed together to support large parties.
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  3. What is a Single and Double Restaurant Booth?

    A Single Restaurant Booth is the first small booth in a row of singles and doubles. A double booth is 2 singles attached together back to back. Adding doubles between 2 singles is one of the most popular booth seating arrangements and is a great way to keep a dining room looking clean.
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  4. L Shaped Diner Booth Seating Explained

    There are a few things that go into creating the right L Shaped Diner Booth of your choice. A Custom L Shape Restaurant Booth is great filler for those unused corners of the restaurant and choosing the right size, shape and style can make a huge difference in your seating area.
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  5. Top 8 Restaurant Design and Decor Trends for 2021

    The year 2020 was certainly one filled with drastic change and transformation, which has inevitably influenced the future trends in the restaurant....
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