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Why Customers Prefer Restaurant Booths

When customers enter your restaurant, they’ll often request a booth even during peak business hours when getting any kind of a table is difficult. There’s plenty of reasons why you should provide your customers with comfortable restaurant seating. The number one reason is that customers ask for it!


Restaurant patrons love booths because it gives a sense of privacy. Sitting in a table in the middle of the restaurant often makes people feel as if the entire restaurant can hear their conversation. Booths give a much more intimate feeling, allowing customers to let the conversation carry on along with their meals.


Booths are much more comfortable than the bar stools or hard wooden chairs that restaurants often house. People like to be comfortable while they eat and chat with family and friends, especially when they’re in a big group! Remember that if your customers are comfortable, they’re more likely to stay longer and order more food and drinks.


One of the most popular date ideas is to go out to eat. No one wants to feel cramped or feel like they’re sitting on a brick when they’re on a date. Restaurant booths give people more room while providing an intimate environment for socializing.

Central Seating should be every restaurant’s source for bar stools, restaurant chairs, booths and more. The most important thing at your restaurant besides the food is your customers. We help you seat them properly!