What is a Single and Double Restaurant Booth? A single restaurant booth is the first small booth in a row of singles and doubles. One of the most popular booth seating arrangements is a row of booths starting with a single booth with a couple of double or back-to-back booths in the center and finished by a second single restaurant booth at the end.

Two Seater Restaurant Booth

Single or 1 Sided Restaurant Booth


A Single booth can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes a single booth can be made larger than the rest to separate the end of the row of booths with the rest of the restaurant. Most of the time, the single booth is made to match the rest of the booths in the row to give you a uniform and clean looking seating arrangement.

Back to Back Restaurant Booth, Double

Double or Back to Back Restaurant Booth


A double booth or back to back restaurant booth is the same as as single but put back to back. A double booth will double in depth compared to a single. A double booth will allow people to sit on both sides. Double booths are usually placed in the center of singles to create a long seating line of booths or can be placed in the center of a restaurant, barber shop or more to create center seating area for guest. 

Some doubles will not be able to fit though a standard door without removing the seats. The taller the booth is the more work will need to be done to bring booth inside using standard single door. If you only have a standard single door in your restaurant, sometimes it is recommended to avoid doubles and instead make all of your booths singles. Pushing your singles back to back to create a double is simple and making this change may not increase the cost as doubles are usually quoted the same price as 2 singles. 


Single and Double Restaurant Booth Height Options

How Tall is a Restaurant Booth?


The most popular height on a single booth is 42” Tall. This height gives you semi-privacy but does not make the restaurant feel crowded. When sitting on this booth, the average person will have a 42” tall booth come to the beginning of their ear area. Anything taller and you can reach your eye site giving you maximum privacy.

Another very common booth height is 36” Tall. If sitting, the average person will have a 36” tall booth reaches their chin area. This is popular in small diners, residential booths and alike. A 36” tall may allow you to rest your elbow and will not make the are feel crowded at all.


Single & Double Restaurant Booth Length Options

When does a Single booth become a banquette? A single restaurant booth is made as short as 36” Long that sits 1 person and as long as a 72” Long that may sit 4 to 5 people depending on their size. Anything longer than that is usually considered a banquette which come in any length your seating area can fit.

Single booths are made to accommodate the available space. Sizes vary depending on the space available and sometimes the type of restaurant. 

Single and Double Restaurant Booth Length  Options


Some of the most commons Single restaurant booth measurements are;
  • 36"Long: This booth length is common in restaurants with limited space or the part of the restaurant that is designated for 2 seaters. Since size of groups are not consistent thorough the day,  it is helpful to have a 2 seater set like this to accommodate small groups. Groups of 2 are not usually common in higher end restaurants, pizza parlors and alike because these kinds of arrangements usually attract large groups. 
  • 42"Long: This booth size of booth supports 2 people on each side and is common when space is limited. Visitors might not be as comfortable as a 48" long booth but will utilize this space if there is no other choice.
  • 48"Long: This booth size is the most common 2 seater booth size. It fits 2 people comfortably and can sometimes fit a 3rd small child depending on the size of the group. When hosting 4 people, a 48" long by 30" long table that matches with the 48" long booth will give each visitor 15" by 24" table space which is standard in the industry. 
  • 60"Long: This booth length supports 3 people comfortable. This is a common length is restaurants and places that are frequent by large groups such as pizza parlors and event centers. 
  • 72"Long: this booth length will support up to 4 people and is customary in pizza shops where visitors are usually families celebrating, little league teams and alike. 

Standard Restaurant Booth Size


Single and Double Combination Dimensions

A simple booth combination will have two singles with a table in the center. If you want to know if a simple combination like this will fit in your area, a good rule of thumb is to make sure you have a minimum of 74" of space. This space will support 2 single booths with a depth of 24" and 1 table with a standard with of 30". It is customary for the table to overlap the booth seat by 2" on each side, making this a perfect fit. 


A standard setup is 2 singles and 1 double in the center. A row of booths like this with a total width of 48" wide will support 8 visitors and is very common in many kinds of restaurants including fast food and high end. 


3 Tables Restaurant Booth setup

20 person booth seating setup are dimensions

line of restaurant booth seating area, row of 2 singles and 5 doubles


Have more room? Fit as many singles and double combinations as you can as long as you measure for a minimum of 74" each booths and table set. 

How Many Booths and Tables Fit in Your Space

Floor Space Size 48"L Singles & Doubles  Tables Quantity of People that Fit
74" 2 Singles & 0 Doubles 1 4
148" 2 Singles & 1 Double 2 8
222" 2 Singles & 2 Doubles 3 12
296" 2 Singles & 3 Doubles 4 16
370" 2 Singles & 4 Doubles 5 20
444" 2 Singles & 5 Doubles 6 24
518" 2 Singles & 6 Doubles 7 28
592" 2 Singles & 7 Doubles 8 32
666" 2 Singles & 8 Doubles 9 36
740" 2 Singles & 9 Doubles 10 40
810" 2 Singles & 10 Doubles 11 44


Using the standard booth size of 48" which fits 2 people per booth, the chart above will give you a good idea of how many booths and tables you can fit in your space and how many people you will be able to accommodate. This chart is a measuring guide and may change depending on the visitor's size. The measurements above are industry standard and are common in many dining areas. In some cases you can push booths further or bring them closer from each other but this may change the comfortability of your seating area depending on the visitors preference. 

Send us any inquiries you may have regarding booth spacing and will will do our best to help.