A Single and Double Restaurant Booth refer to two types of seating arrangements commonly found in restaurants. The Single Restaurant Booth is the first booth in a row of booths that includes both singles and doubles. One of the most preferred seating arrangements in restaurants is a row of booths that begins with a Single Restaurant Booth, followed by a few Double or Back-to-Back Booths in the middle, and ends with a second Single Restaurant Booth.

Two Seater Restaurant Booth

Single or 1 Sided Restaurant Booth


Single Restaurant Booths can vary in size and shape, and in some cases, they may be larger than the other booths to distinguish the end of the row from the rest of the restaurant. However, typically, Single booths are designed to match the other booths in the row, creating a cohesive and uniform seating arrangement that looks neat and tidy.

Back to Back Restaurant Booth, Double

Double or Back to Back Restaurant Booth


A Double Restaurant Booth, also known as a Back-to-Back restaurant booth, is essentially two Single booths placed back to back. This arrangement doubles the depth of the seating area compared to a Single booth, allowing guests to sit on both sides. Double booths are commonly placed in the center of a row of Single booths to create a long seating line, or in the center of a restaurant, barber shop, or similar establishment to create a central seating area for guests.

It's worth noting that some Double booths may not fit through a standard door without removing the seats. Additionally, the taller the booth, the more challenging it can be to bring it inside using a standard single door. If your establishment only has standard single doors, it's recommended to avoid Double booths and instead use Single booths pushed back to back to create a Double seating area. This change is usually cost-effective since Double booths are often priced the same as two Single booths.


Single and Double Restaurant Booth Height Options

How Tall is a Restaurant Booth?


The most popular restaurant booth height for a Single booth is 42 inches tall, which provides a semi-private seating experience without making the restaurant feel cramped. When seated in this type of booth, the average person will have the backrest reach the beginning of their ear area. Taller booths can provide maximum privacy but may obstruct the view.

Another common booth height is 36 inches tall. If seated, the average person will have the backrest reach their chin area. This height is popular in small diners, residential booths, and similar establishments. A 36-inch tall booth allows for comfortable elbow resting and does not make the area feel crowded.


Single & Double Restaurant Booth Length Options

A Single booth becomes a banquette when it exceeds a length of 72 inches, which can comfortably seat up to four to five people, depending on their size. Banquettes can be made to fit any length, depending on the seating area's available space.

Single booths are designed to fit the available space and may vary in size, depending on the type of restaurant and the available space. They can range from as short as 36 inches long, accommodating one person, to as long as 72 inches long, accommodating up to four or five people, after which they are considered banquettes.

Single and Double Restaurant Booth Length  Options


The most common measurements for Single restaurant booths include:

  • 36" Long: This booth size is popular in restaurants with limited space or in areas designated for two seaters. While not common in higher-end restaurants or pizza parlors, it is useful for accommodating small groups, as group sizes can be inconsistent throughout the day.
  • 42" Long: This booth size supports two people on each side and is frequently used when space is limited. Visitors may not be as comfortable as they would be in a larger booth, but they will make do if no other options are available.

  • 48" Long: This is the most common size for a two-seater booth. It comfortably fits two people and may be able to accommodate a small child, depending on the group's size. When hosting four people, a 48" by 30" table that matches the 48" long booth is standard in the industry and provides each visitor with 15" by 24" of table space.

  • 60" Long: This booth length accommodates three people comfortably and is popular in restaurants and places that are frequently visited by large groups, such as pizza parlors and event centers.

  • 72" Long: This booth length can accommodate up to four people and is commonly used in pizza shops where visitors are often families celebrating, little league teams, and similar groups.

Standard Restaurant Booth Size


Single and Double Combination Dimensions

A basic booth arrangement typically consists of two single booths with a table in between them. To ensure that this setup will fit in your space, it is generally recommended to have a minimum of 74" of space available. This allows for two single booths with a depth of 24" each, as well as a table with a standard width of 30". It is common for the table to extend 2" beyond the width of each booth seat, resulting in a snug and functional arrangement.


A common seating arrangement for booths is to have 2 single booths on either end with a double booth in the center. This configuration, with a total width of 48", can comfortably seat up to 8 people and is frequently seen in various types of restaurants ranging from fast food joints to high-end establishments.



3 Tables Restaurant Booth setup

20 person booth seating setup are dimensions

line of restaurant booth seating area, row of 2 singles and 5 doubles


Have more room? Fit as many singles and double combinations as you can as long as you measure for a minimum of 74" each booths and table set. 

How Many Booths and Tables Fit in Your Space

Floor Space Size 48"L Singles & Doubles  Tables Quantity of People that Fit
74" 2 Singles & 0 Doubles 1 4
148" 2 Singles & 1 Double 2 8
222" 2 Singles & 2 Doubles 3 12
296" 2 Singles & 3 Doubles 4 16
370" 2 Singles & 4 Doubles 5 20
444" 2 Singles & 5 Doubles 6 24
518" 2 Singles & 6 Doubles 7 28
592" 2 Singles & 7 Doubles 8 32
666" 2 Singles & 8 Doubles 9 36
740" 2 Singles & 9 Doubles 10 40
810" 2 Singles & 10 Doubles 11 44

When it comes to restaurant seating, single and double booths are popular choices for accommodating guests. Single booths can be as short as 36" long, fitting one person, and as long as 72" long, accommodating four or five people. Double booths, on the other hand, are usually 48" long and can seat two people comfortably.

A simple combination of two single booths with a table in the center can fit in an area with a minimum of 74" of space. A standard setup of two singles and one double booth in the center can accommodate eight visitors in a 48" wide space, making it a popular choice in various restaurants.

However, it's essential to note that these dimensions are industry standards and may change depending on visitor size and preferences. Sometimes, you can push booths further or bring them closer, but it's important to consider the comfort of your guests.

Overall, single and double booths offer semi-privacy and comfortable seating for guests, making them popular choices in various dining areas. Whether you're running a high-end restaurant, a pizza shop, or an event center, finding the right booth setup that fits your space and visitors' needs is crucial for creating a positive dining experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about booth spacing, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.