There’s nothing worse than eating at a table where you feel you can’t reach it due to the height of the chairs.   If your restaurant consists of bar style seating, you’ll want to see this guide on buying the right kind of bar furniture.    Bar stools are an efficient kind of seating.   These seats are easy to keep and versatile in nature.        The most important thing is that you choose the bar stool height that best suits you.  The common types of bar stools are:

  • Counter height
  • Table height
  • Extra-tall height
  • Bar height

  The first step in choosing the right bar stool will require you to do some measuring from the floor to the tabletop. For example, a 16-23 inch stool pairs with counter heights of between 24 and 27 inches. These are known as table height stools.

  Keep in mind that table height stools are shorter than counter and bar stools. These chairs work well at tables that reach higher than the standard.

  Counter height stools typically work best with 36-inch high counters. If you’re looking for a standard bar stool, you’ll need a standard 30-inch stool.

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