Here are 4 of the most common Table Height Options for commercial and residential use. Don't make the mistake of ordering the wrong table height and having to deal with returns. Find out the best Table height for your stools and chairs. 

Because your chairs or stools depend on it, getting the right table height is important. A Bar Height table will not work with a counter height stool as well as a counter height stool will not work with a dining height table. 


1. Dining Height Tables - 30"H

The most common height of any table is a dining height. This is the standard height used everywhere including Libraries, Office, Restaurants, Dining Room and more. 

The most common seat height of a Dining Chair for Restaurant and other use is 18"H. The table bases we carry come in 28" to 29" height. This gives the user space of 11" to 12" for their legs to fit. 

Combining the standard dining height base with a 1-1/2" Thick table creates a Table and Base set with a standard 30" overall height that is the most common height around. 

Most of our Restaurant Table Bases come with gliders/feet that can be adjusted in height to accommodate for uneven floors. Adjusting all gliders/feet to maximum height will give you a little extra height if needed. Adjusting the gliders/feet to lowest height or removing them in total will also help in decreasing the height by around 3/4" Inch. This might not be recommended as standard dining chairs are already set to work with industry-standard 30" High Dining Tables. 

2. Counter Height Tables - 36"H

 It is important to know that in the furniture industry, Counter Height does not mean the same as Bar Height. Although some Bar Cabinets can be made to Counter Height, not all counter heights will be considered Bar Height. 

 The 36" Counter Height is the sweet spot between 42" Bar Height and 30" Dining Height. Counter Height Tables come in a standard 36" Height from floor to top and have to be combined with a standard counter height stool with a seat height of 24". This combination provides a table that is not as high as to bar height but not as low as dining height. 

The counter height table and stools can provide a safe enough height for kids while giving you that extra height you prefer. 

At, we carry a large selection of counter height stools in metal frames. Most of our wood bar stools come in a standard bar height however, we can cut the legs on almost all of our wood barstools by 6". This will ensure a 24" Seat Height that is necessary to create a counter stool height. If you find the stool you like and you do not see it in counter height, feel free to contact us for special cut down pricing.

Want to purchase a table base only? If you find the base of your choice but do not see a counter height option, please contact us for a custom cut table base price. The price will vary depending on quantity and base. 

3. Bar Height or Pub Height Tables - 42"H

 Our Bar Height tables, also known in the industry as Restaurant Pub Tables, come in a 40" to 42" overall height from floor to top of the table. Our standard bar height bases and tables will usually come in a 41" height after assembly. This is the industry standard height for bar height furniture. 

 Bar Height Pub Bar Stools have a seat height of 30". There is about 11" of space between the top of seat and bottom of standard bar height table. This is a common height for Restaurants, Home Kitchen, Bar, Hotel and any other commercial setting. 

 Feet/gliders under every bar height table base make it easy to adjust the base for uneven floors. 

 Bar Height furniture is commonly used in Bar locations however, they are also found in restaurant seating areas with special corners or walls that need to have a difference in height. This combination of dining and counter height creates a unique seating experience. Seating areas with Bar height and Dining height combinations are becoming more popular every year. 

4. Coffee Table Height - 16"H 

 Coffee table height varies from 16"H to 18"H depending on the outcome desired by the user. The most common table height will be 16"H. This will make the cafe table 2" lower than the standard seat height of most dining chairs, lounge chairs, and banquette booth seating. 

  It is ideal for some designers to choose a table that is 2" lower than the seat however, in some cases, owners have requested the coffee table height to be as high as 20". This makes the table 2" taller than your average dining chair seat height. 

  Regardless of the height, you prefer, keep in mind that industry-standard dining seat height is 18". This will give you a good starting point when determining if you want the height of your table to be lower or higher than your seat height. 

  We can customize most of our table bases to coffee table base height. Send your quote request to