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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Top 10 Restaurant Booths for 2018 - Their Competitive Edge

    We announce the 10 best-selling restaurant booths for 2018 and talk about their competitive edge of standard features plus unique personalities.
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  2. How To Design The Best Seating For Your Restaurant’s Customers

    When you design your restaurant well, your customers will be more satisfied with their dining experience. You don’t want your customers to feel cramped while eating their meals. The seating in your restaurant should make your customers feel at ease.
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  3. How To Choose The Correct Bar Stool Height

    There’s nothing worse than eating at a table where you feel you can’t reach it due to the height of the chairs. If your restaurant consists of bar style seating, you’ll want to see this guide on buying the right kind of bar furniture. Bar stools are an efficient kind of seating.
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  4. Why Customers Prefer Restaurant Booths

    When customers enter your restaurant, they’ll often request a booth even during peak business hours when getting any kind of a table is difficult. There’s plenty of reasons why you should provide your customers with comfortable restaurant seating...
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  5. 4 Most Common Table Height Options

    Here are 4 of the most common Table Height Options for commercial and residential use. Don't make the mistake of ordering the wrong table height and having to deal with returns. Find out the best Table height for you.
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