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Single and Double Restaurant Booths Layout

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3/14/2018 11:02 PM

Single and Double Restaurant Booths Layout

There are many benefits that can come from a Single and Double booth seating area. It is well know by many that when presented with the choice of Dining Booths and Dining Chairs, visitors choose Dining Booths most of the time. 

Benefits of Single and Double Booths 

  • Booths take advantage of all available space and turn it to usable seating area.
  • Booths stay in place and don't have to be put back into at the end of every visit.
  • Booths do not move and will not be dragged keeping your floor in good shape.
  • Booths are fully customizable in Shape, Size, Style and Color to complement your existing décor. 
  • Our Booths are easy to clean. Box base and tight cushion seat to back rest prevent crumb from falling in. Many of our Restaurant Booth Upholstery Options are easy to clean and will last a long time. 
  • Booth seating provides privacy and comfort creating a great impression on visitors.
  • 2 Single Booths with center table take have a maximum width of 74" which is similar or less compared to movable chairs and table set. 
  • Booths can be upgraded with piano hinges seats that create storage.

Single Restaurant Booth Seating Layout

Single Restaurant Booth Seating Deuce Bench

The standard leangth of a Single Restaurant Booth is 4' or 48" long. This will accomodate up to 2 adults or 3 kids comfortably. This is also known as a 2 Seater Booth or Deuce Restaurant Booth. 

 Common Booth Length

30" and 42" Wide Booth Seating

Our custom made booths come in any shape and size. A common single person or single seater booth is 30" wide from left to right, see section A. Some orders do come in at 24" however, this is not as common as the 30" width but is possible in locations with a lack of space. The single seater booths can be made into Single or Double booths as necessary. 

A 42" Wide 2 seater booth is the smallest booth that will accomodate 2 people. This size is not recommended as it will not be comfortable for larger guest and should only be used if no more space is available for wider booth. 

Four Seater Restaurant Booths

The 48" Wide or 4' Foot wide booth is an industry standard 2 seater booth. This size of booth fits 2 adults comfortable and may also fit a small child in some cases. 

3 Person Restaurant Booth Bench

The 60" or 5' Foot long banquette will fit 3 adults comfortably. Popular in big chains like Denny's Restaurant, Shakey's Pizza and others. This long banquette promotes large parties and gatherings by accommodating more visitors to sit together. It is always recommended to have 1 or 2 banquette sets at 60"Long in your dining area along with your standard 4' long booths and 30" Long booths. It is not recommended to have only 60" Long booths in your eating area as a single visitor will take up a space otherwise made for more.

72"Long Restaurant Booth

Single and Double booths with 72" length are a great way to support large events such as parties and gatherings. You can fit up to 4 adults on a bench with the length of 6' Feet. 

Common Booth Height


One of the smallest common Booth Height is 36" tall. This height is prefer in small restaurants and is a popular height on Metal Frame Restaurant Booths. This height allows you to see over your shoulder and gives the dining area a less crowded feel. The 36" Height works great under windows and wall molding that are usually at 36" height. 

The most popular height we have is a 42" tall height from floor to top. This height provides comfort to the back and a little extra privacy. 

 Tall Back Restaurant Booth

Looking for booths with privacy? The 48" tall booths will provide privacy without making the eating area feel crowded. The 54" tall booths are popular when build in banquette styles. The long banquette booths are usually placed against a wall where the tall they are the more they stand.

Restaurant Booth Seat Depth and Height

Single Booth Depth

Double Booth Depth

The standard seat size is 18"H x 18"D. This is considered by many to be industry standard size. Looking for Lounge Style Seating? We can custom make the seat depth to any depth you prefer. Custom seat depth starts at 19"D. Lounge type seat depth is 20"D to 26"D. The longer the seat the more the visitor will have to recline back creating the lounge feel. 

Space Needed for Single and Double Set Up

1 Double and 2 Single Booth Measurements

The standard width that is recommended on a single + table + single measurement is 74" from back to back. This measurement is assuming you are using a 30" Wide Table and the Table overlaps each cushion by 2". If the seat depth is 18"D and the table overlaps the seat by 2", this means you will have a total of 16" of space between back rest and table. If you have the space, we can avoid overlapping the table and instead aligning the edge of the tables to the edge of the seat. This will give the visitor the full 18" space provided by the seat. Larger customers might not like the 16" table to booth space and will often push table away to create the space.  

Recommended Size of Space per Quantity of Booth Set

Booth/Table/Booth Set    Single     Double    Table    Space Needed   
1 2 0 1 74"L
2 2 1 2 148"L
3 2 2 3 222"L
4 2 3 4 296"L
5 2 4 5 370"L
6 2 5 6 444"L
7 2 6 7 518"L
8 2 7 8 592"L
9 2 8 9 666"L

The seating space recommended on booth seating chart above is only recommendation and can be adjusted depending on the space available. 

The booths you want don't fit? If you have a certain amount of booths and the overall assembly is over by few inches, we can adjust back depth and this will bring Booth + Table + Booth space from 74" up to 68". This is accomplished by eliminating the incline of booth thus making them more flat. Please contact us for more information. 

Not interested in overlaping table? If you have the space and prefer the full 18" space between back of booth and table, the space needed for a non overlaping table and 2 single booths is 78"L. 

2 Table and Booth Set up

This setup requires a total space size of 222"L and will fit 3 tables, 2 Singles and 2 Double Restaurant Booths. 

Restaurant Booth Seat with 3 Tables

This set up requires a total space size of 296"L and will fit 4 Table Booth sets. If the booths are 48"L, this set up will fit approximately 16 people. 

4 Table Booth Set Up

Adding 1 extra Double Booth will increase the space by 74" and will require an overall size of 370"L. This space will fit a total of 5 tables and approximately 40 people. 

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