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Top 21 Ideas for Restaurant Booth Use

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2/16/2018 12:03 PM

You might not be looking for Restaurant Booth Ideas for your restaurant business, you might not be an owner of a traditional eating establishment looking for seating arrangements. However, you might be a forward-thinking director on a TV Show, an entrepreneur-style nail salon owner, or in control of designing a waiting area for a dental office. Truth is, although restaurant booth ideas are often associated with restaurants, it’s not necessarily the case. There are various other locations where you as an owner or director may find you a need for a restaurant booth at your location, or you might run into one when you least expect it.

Here at, we wanted to let you as our customers or potential customers know that booths aren't only for restaurants. Either way, we don't discriminate against the type of business you have, we only want to supply you with your vision and meet you at your budget needs to finding the perfect booth to fit your business setting and solution.

Here are our top 20 Ideas for Restaurant Booth Use in other locations, (that might be your business!) where you might find a restaurant-style booth.

 1. Restaurant Booths

Custom Restaurant Booth Furniture

As basic or as elegant as they come, a restaurant values and has a need for restaurant booths. From recognizing your need to being able to choose exactly what you're looking for, we can help you find the perfect booth that will please not only you as a restaurant owner but also your customers as diners.

A. Fine Dining Restaurants Booths

Fine Dining Restaurant Furniture

Depending on your restaurant style, you might be looking for a higher class dining experience. There are booths for that, too! These booths and the layout of your restaurant needs to allow an adequate about of room for meal carts for tableside service. This is a feature that you should consider when looking into fine dining.

B. Custom Booths for Seafood Restaurants

Seafood Restaurant Furniture and Booths

We all know that seafood can get a little messy, however, we also realize that you can have a seafood establishment that relates to a higher class tier of society, which features higher-price dishes and reflects a more elegant design. Whatever the style you are going for in your seafood establishment, there is a booth to match your vision.

C. Naval and Military Dining Furniture

Military and Naval Restaurant Furniture

Our armed, military, and navy forces have to eat, too! These styled-booths are excellent for placing in the mess hall to make our country’s representatives feel comfortable, if not, right-at-home. There’s no need to get fancy here, however, there’s a style that can fit any theme or color of a naval location.

D. Mexican Restaurant Theme

Mexican Restaurant Booth Furniture Style

Unique generally in color and design, these booths that fit right into a fast food or Mexican restaurant can match any theme. The seating arrangement is generally what brings the whole look together, especially in a Mexican restaurant, because of its vibrant colors, so the booth seating you choose to furnish your establishment is vital.

E. Casual Dining Booth Seating

Casual Dining Restaurant Furniture

For those owners looking to use their casual dining restaurant to establish a welcoming, friendly feel, perfect for the easy bite or drink, casual dining also has a very distinct feel when it comes to booths and seating arrangements. Easily placed with a booth, your casual dining restaurant can find its style and themed format to please your customers and give the ambiance of your restaurants a simple, yet stylish feel.

2. Tv Show Furniture 

ABC's Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat TV Show Furniture

Whether you are filming a scene at a restaurant, on a cruise ship, or if you have the characters meet up at their local bar, a restaurant booth could be a vital piece of your scenery. Think of series like Fresh Off the Boat, an American sitcom series about immigrants in America, How I Met Your Mother, where the main characters gathered, quite often — almost every episode, in a booth-style seating down at the bar. This could be an easily overlooked, yet a large part of your scenes in a TV show. The importance of booths might not have hit you yet, but while you're couch surfing, pay attention to your favorite TV program and see if you can spot a restaurant booth.

MTV's Loosely Exactly Nicole

Furniture for TV Movie Set, Restaurant Booths

This other television series is a prime example where a restaurant-style booth is a vital part of the scenery in production. Loosely Exactly Nicole is a scripted comedy series where Nicole Byer goes through the trials of finding her way in a Hollywood lifestyle, trying to land an audition and dealing with other trivial pursuits. The restaurant styled booth makes up a large chunk of the series’ scenery, as well.

3. Nightclub Booth Seating

Nightclub Custom Booth Seating Furniture

Although you might think nightclubs are generally for dancing, there are various other aspects of the layout and furniture. For example, if you just think of what your customers and guests do when they're not dancing, you will have to have various tables, chairs, and restaurant-style booths to make them feel comfortable, or take a break from dancing and have a drink. The more comfortable these booths are, the more your guests might drink or eat, which means more profit for you.

The Night Club scenery isn't generally associated with sitting but if you pay close attention to your next outing, you might see a lot more sitting going on than dancing, especially near the end of the night, when most guests are starting to get a bit drowsy, and the beginning of the night, when guests want to have a few drinks before gathering up the courage to head onto the dance floor.

4. Nail Salon Booths 

Nail Salon Furniture Custom Booth Seating Bench

Whether if your customer is waiting for their appointment, getting to know the various products and services, or waiting on other people that are getting services done, a booth is actually an extremely important component of a nail salon. Although most services don't necessarily need a booth because of the chairs that are located at these businesses, the booth styles are usually dubbed as more of a waiting area. However, it is not completely uncommon to see some salons using restaurant-styled booths to use for their customers as they are getting a type of service done.

There are also various styles and themed colors to fit the ambiance of your salon while making your customers and guests feel at ease and comfortable while they wait or during their time of having the service done.

5. Booth Bench for Office Break Room

Office Breakroom Booth Bench Seating

To make your employees feel more at home than ever before, setting up a comfortable booth styled seating in your office break room can really give them the break they are looking for. The last thing an employee wants to do after sitting in their rigid desk chair for hours is head into the break room just to find the same styled chairs waiting for them. Make your employees feel at home and comfortable, yet not too comfortable — you do want them to head back to work, eventually!

6. Cigar Shop Bench

Cigar Shop Bench Booth Seating, Furniture

If you want your customers to feel relaxed and comfortable to make a purchase decision and even try out a cigar or two, this seating at your cigar shop should be an important piece of your establishment. Although you might not always associate cigar shops with restaurant styled seating, your customers and guests should also have a chance to sit down as well. When looking for a particular booth for your business, take into account the environment, as well. For example, this styled booth should pay particular attention to detail when protecting against smoke and holding a particular scent, for example.

7. Shopping Mall Booths and Benches

Shipping Mall Booth Bench Furniture

Everyone’s favorite place at the shopping mall is, of course, the food court. This is the prime place for getting customers and guests off their feet so they can grab a bite and rest. If you have comfortable booths, they might stay a bit longer, even opting for dessert and making your overall business and businesses surrounding you more money. The comfort of a guest is everything and a mother that’s bringing her teenage daughters shopping for the day needs a bit of comfortable seating to rest before hitting the shops again as they have been doing all morning. Since in this case there are various businesses involved in the investment, you can try getting the opinions of all the owners around the food court to implement a style that pleases everyone.

8. Waiting Room Bench 

Waiting Room Bench, Restaurant Booth

Whether you are waiting for dental services, a technological service or are getting a tattoo at a parlor, you would want to be seated, waiting at a comfortable place. As a business owner, you will want to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, especially if they need to wait because the truth of the matter is — nobody likes waiting. Make your customers feel at home, with the ambiance, environmental setting, and furniture — restaurant booths — so they will become more patient when waiting for your service. Happy guests and customers are a vital part of any business.

9. Spa Lounge Bench Furniture

Spa Lounge Booth Furniture

At the forefront of comfort, making your guests feel comfortable, even while they're waiting to be pampered is important! Booths at a spa can play a huge role in the overall experience of your guest at the spa. They will most likely remember every part, so from beginning to end, as they walk in the door, to every place where they have sat during the day, it’s important to keep them as comfortable as possible.

10. Office Room Bench Seating

Office Room Bench Seating

They might be a potential customer or a long time client. Whatever the case may be, it is important for your clients to feel comfortable while waiting to see you. The design of the booth is also important to set the tone of the overall ambiance of the office, as well. This might be a place where you wouldn't have considered having a booth, but booths definitely outweigh wooden chairs when it comes to seating and sealing a business deal. If that’s an important aspect of your list of creating a successful business, you might want to consider an office booth to help your chances.

11. Reception’s Waiting Room Bench Seating

Reception's Waiting Room Bench Seating

As with any business, the idea of waiting is inevitable but it is also uncomfortable and usually, everyone’s least favorite part. To ease the process and make it much less painful, having a booth in the reception waiting room can help increase the mood and lift the interior style of your overall business. Such a simple detail can help your customer and guest feel at home and comfortable and can be a great addition to your reception waiting room.

12. Booths in Ice Cream Shop 

Ice Cream Shop Booth Furniture

Going outside the box with your ice cream shop, you will want to jazz up your style a bit and make your customers feel really comfortable. After all, eating ice cream is usually considered a fun outing and should be treated as such. Having a fun styled restaurant booth can help create an aura for your customers that will contribute to their overall experience. You also should take into consideration the fact that a huge majority of your customers are looking for a fun time and they might also have children. Children are less likely to sit on straight back, wooden chairs for a long time. So investing in comfortable booth seating can be beneficial to your younger customer crowd and also your parent-target customers, as well.

13. Bench For Lounge Seating 

Lounge Seating Bench

The lounge area of a hotel, a theater or an airport should be optimal for relaxation. The whole point of a lounge is to create a scene of reclining and in turn, “putting your feet up”. Having booths for eating or drinking can be a huge part of the design of your lounge. With such a large public room, the entire space is open for a broad range of possibilities.

14. Custom Bench Seating in Bars

Bar Bench and Booth Furniture

Not unlike the nightclub, however, the bar is usually a location that most people go to simply to drink. Comfortable seating, since your customers will be doing that for most of the night, you might as well invest in a booth that makes them feel at home. The longer a customer and their friends stay, the more money you'll make, which will overall increase the value of your bar. In this case, the restaurant should be at the forefront of the design of your bar.

15. Café Shop Booths and Benches

Coffee House Bench Seating, Cafe Booths

As fun and relaxed as your café is, your seating should also dictate the attitude and feel of your business. Having adequate and comfortable seating is a huge part of any type of business but when your entire success is based off the comfort of your guest, it is worth the investment to make your customer feel at ease and comfortable while they're drinking a coffee.

The foundation of these businesses is to create an environment of conversation because the majority of your customers will be coming to your café to sit and eat or drink with a friend. So, make their experience memorable and as comfortable as the situation is.

16. Custom Corner Booth for Residential Use

Custom L Shape Corner Booth for Home, Residential

If you are remodeling your house or setting the stage for years of family time to come, having a breakfast nook has been rising in popularity as part of your dining experience in your own home. This nook can easily be made with something simple like a restaurant-style booth.

17. Man Cave

Custom Booth for Man Cave Furniture, Bench

Maybe in your eyes even more important than your residential, family area is the area you have for yourself. Every man cave will come with friends included and of course, you'll need a great place for them to sit and enjoy a few. A restaurant-style booth can give your buddies a comfortable seating arrangement where they can gather around and enjoy the place you've made from yourself — and them, of course.

18. Dental Office Bench Furniture

Dental Office Bench Seating

When you think of the word “waiting”, you usually think dental office. Placing a booth in your waiting room can not only create a sense of comfort but for parents with children, can give them a place to seat and feel comfortable without feeling too far away from their loved ones as they wait. This is great especially if you have small children who might have a certain phobia when going for a visit to the dentist. You might also have friends or family members waiting for the patient outside.

19. University Cafeteria Booth Seating

University Cafeteria Booth and Bench Seating

In a place where you have to know how to seat the masses, investing in restaurant booths at a university cafeteria can create a sense of community amongst the students and can be a great investment in space for you. Having a simple seating arrangement that is good for a few people, which in turn can give a numerically large population a viable solution to fit into one place. Most of the meals of the students of a university will be eaten at the cafeteria, so you might as well make it a comfortable experience. We would suggest that you choose seating features that make for easy clean-up, however.

20. Hotel Bench Seating

Hotel Lobby Bench and Booth Seating

Your most basic of all seating rooms, you will need an arrangement that not only is comfortable enough that it resembles and gives you a sneak peek of what the rooms will be like, but also can fit entire families. Those on family vacations and business partners needing a place for lodging might spend a little time in the waiting area of a hotel in the lobby, especially if that’s where your Wi-Fi is the strongest! So make the seating arrangement a comfortable one with booths.

21. Apparel and Shoe Store Benches 

Apparel & Shoe Store Bench Seating

We know we said twenty, but here is our bonus number 21, and possibly a place that you would never have thought of as in need of comfortable seating. However, if we’re talking about a business where your customers will be sitting most of the time, a shoe store is definitely at the forefront. If you want your customers to feel comfortable when they're trying on shoes looking for a comfortable fit, you might as well make the entire experience and process as easy as possible. Instead of just having those small stools that have the mirror in the bottom, invest in a booth-style seating for not only your customers to sit and try shoes on but also the ones they took with them as well as they wait and give their opinions.

You might not have realized how often you come across a restaurant-style booth or a booth-style seating on any general-given day. However, we hope that this list has opened your eyes and brought to your attention a few places, amongst the many others, where you may find a booth. If you play a part in the design of any of these businesses, choosing a booth or restaurant-style seating can be a contributing factor and play a huge part in the entire experience of your customer’s visit to your establishment. It can help set a tone, contribute to the ambiance, and overall increase the nature of comfort for you and your customer, making both parties feel valuable in the exchange.

We hope that this introduction has helped you recognize not only the importance of the purchase of your booth or seating needs, but also see in how many ways it can actually factor a business, no matter what that business is. You might own a business and not have even considered adding this type of seating to your office or location, however, we hope that you can see through this article how much of a difference, not only in style but also in comfort that such a simple seating arrangement can make.

Please feel free to browse other articles on our site and blog to help you navigate through our world and hopefully yours on seating arrangements and how best to choose them.

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