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Patio Furniture: Beat the Heat this Summer

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5/22/2018 11:02 AM

As the summer heat begins to set in, homeowners and restaurant-goers alike seek the comfort of patios to enjoy the summer months without being directly in the blistering sun. Whether you’re running a commercial business or simply the business of raising children, coziness and functionality in patio furniture are absolutely essential for having an enjoyable summer.

Find your comfort zone.

Arguably, the most important aspect of patio furniture is how comfortable it is. For restaurant patio furniture, customer satisfaction is key - and during the summer months, the stakes are even higher. With the heat intensifying everything, customers must be able to relax into their patio chairs to truly enjoy the experience. In-home patios, both kids, and parents need a comfortable place to relax after an afternoon of antics.

Rest assured.

Comfort would be nothing without functionality. During the summer, upholstery and material options become even more important. Heat plays an important factor in this. Certain fabrics conduct heat much more than others - and nobody likes a hot seat. With our wide array of upholstery choices, you can find patio seats that are conducive to a summer environment. UV exposure in the summer can affect materials and cause them to change colors and grow dull. With our UV Stabilized Pigments, you can weather the summer months while resting easy that your patio furniture will remain top-of-the-line.

If you’re ready to outfit your restaurant or home with the best patio furniture for the upcoming summer, get in touch today.

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