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Top Trending Custom Corner Restaurant Booth Seats

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3/14/2018 11:02 PM



Custom Corner Restaurant BoothsApart from your delectable signature dishes, your décor theme and seating arrangements are the top most important aspects of any restaurant, club, bar or entertainment venue.

Whether you are a fine-dining establishment, a family-friendly restaurant or a fast-food outlet, corner diner booths offer a variety of options to enhance the ambiance of your venue and provide comfortable and versatile seating for clients.

When planning your seating arrangements, make provision to incorporate a number of corner diner booths. They offer an ideal way to make the best use of difficult corner spaces that are often forgotten and end up looking empty and unappealing.


Corner booths are a great choice for many reasons. Here are some ideas to help you make a decision.

Maximum use of space - Corner booths maximize the use of space in the best possible way. They fit easily into corners which would be difficult to accommodate a table surrounded by loose chairs. By maximizing on space, you are able to provide more seating and accommodate more clients, adding to your your bottom line.

Offer privacy - Big booths offer sought-after private, separate sections for a group or larger party to enjoy a meal away from the main tables. Smaller corner booths make ideal, cozy and intimate seating arrangements for a romantic couple to relax and enjoy a meal or celebrate a sentimental occasion.

Great for families - Booths are ideal for families with small children as the seating is easier and less cumbersome to access than individual chairs. Little ones can stretch out when they want to play or rest and parents can still be comfortable.

Security - Many people prefer booths from a security aspect, allowing them to place bags, totes and shopping parcels onto the large seats, rather than on the floor under a table or chair.

Super comfortable - Booths are super comfortable! Because most booths are made from plusher and fuller padded material than your average chair, clients tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed. They stay longer and are more inclined to order those extra after dinner drinks or desserts – all adding to your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Ideal for business meetings - Corner booths are ideal for business meetings. A group of business delegates will always opt for a booth! It is away from the crowds, offers the sense of a semi-private area and provides loads of space for briefcases, laptop bags, mobile phones, files and documents.

Lessen sounds - High back booths tend to lessen the sound in a restaurant, blocking out surrounding noise, making them ideal for groups that want to chat, work, read or just enjoy some relaxed time-out.

Reduced waiter traffic - Waiter traffic around a booth is reduced as access is from one side only, preventing waiters from circling the table on all sides. Corner booths also reduce client traffic. Because they are mostly out of the main thoroughfares in your restaurant, corner booths have far less passing traffic, making them more intimate and cozy for private groups, families or couples.

Great for fast food outlets - Fast-food outlets need not look cheap and tacky! Plush, trendy or designer style booths will up your look and provide comfortable seating for clients while they wait for their take-out orders. Even if they are there for only a short time, you can still make them feel super special and relaxed.

Wide choice of fabrics - Our corner booths for sale come in a wide choice of materials ranging from a plush upholstered look to natural wood, stylish metal and custom designed combinations of these materials – see below for more details on these fabulous options.

Awesome color range - Our booths are available in a fabulous range of color choices that will enhance and blend in with any décor theme you have in mind.

Booths stay in one place - Because booths are usually fixed to the wall, they remain firmly in one place and won’t tend to slide or move around, keeping your venue layout looking neat, balanced and clean at all times.

Versatile lengths - Booth corners need not be the same length on both sides. We can design the booth to have a longer or shorter side to fit the exact dimensions of your available space.

Custom designed - Our corner diner booths are custom made for you – choose your style. material, color and sizes and we will make it exactly to your specifications.

Need not only fill a corner - Corner booths need not only be in a corner. Consider installing an L-shaped booth in a corner and then extending it all the way down one wall. This offers flexible mix-and-match table seating where tables can easily be pushed together or pulled apart depending on your diner’s needs.

Strong and durable - Our booths are strong and durable, made specifically for commercial use. They have proven over the years to last longer than average tables and chairs, helping to reduce replacement costs and save money in long run.

Clients will come back again! - And, most important - corner booths offer that extra touch of an exceptional customer experience – exactly what you want to keep clients coming back again and again!


Below are the two trending styles of restaurant corner booths for sale.

1) The 90 degree back and seat corner booth 

2) The rounded back and seat corner booth

Both designs offer pros and cons to consider when deciding which style is best for your establishment. 


90 Degree Custom Corner Restaurant Booth

The 90 degree booth is also known as an L-shaped booth. The 90 degree booth tends to offer the look and feel of a more modern and trendy décor theme as opposed to a plush and opulent theme. Using a range of 90 degree corner booths bring symmetry and balance to your overall look.

Benefits of the 90 degree corner booth.

  • Easy to take apart and assemble.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to match with your standard square corner table. No need for custom made corner tables.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits well into any room with standard corners.
  • When unassembled, the booth fits effortlessly through a standard 34" wide single door of a home, office, building, clinic, restaurant or other venue.

The perfect choice if

  • Your venue is located above street level with no elevator large enough to accommodate your booth.
  • The only entry way into your building is a single door.
  • You are unable to perform some DIY assembly of your booth. This might include connection of the frame and more depending on the structure of your booth.
  • A narrow hallway leads to the destination of booth.

Things to keep in mind with 90 degree corner booths

  • Due to the shape of this booth, there might be unusable space in the corner.

Round Back Custom Corner Restaurant Booth

Rounded back booths are generally more plush and opulent and are suited for upscale restaurants, larger chains, fine-dining establishments and venues where you want to create a luxurious ambiance.

Benefits of the round back corner booth

  • Curves to maximize available space.
  • All around comfortable seating for everyone.
  • Curved corners make better use of your available space, offering more seating areas and no wasted space.

The perfect choice if

  • You want to maximise your corner spaces.
  • You have large doorways and access to elevators to get the units onto your premises.
  • You have the skills available to carry out some DIY assembly work.
  • You desire a luxurious and plush look.

Things to keep in mind with round back corner booths

  • The minimum size of a curved L-shaped booth is 36"x36". This small size will only fit 1 or 2 people.
  • The table for this booth must have a 12" radius corner to match the curve of the back rest and seat. It is crucial to consider this fact when calculating the cost of a round back corner booth.
  • Double doors are required. Due to size of a curved booth, double doors or a minimum of 60" of space are required for an L-shaped dining booth with curved seat and back to fit.
  • What is in the corner triangle? Every L-shaped booth with curved seat and back corner needs to be pushed forward to create the curved structure of seat and back. This creates an empty space in the corner. This empty space is filled with an upholstered, wood or a laminated triangle to match the overall booth.


Upholstered L Shape Corner Restaunrant Booth

Upholstered Frame

Create a plush and luxurious look with a fully upholstered frame. The padding is opulent and superbly comfortable. Mix and match your color choice on the back and seats or choose a solid color for both. Ideal for both 90 degree and round back corner booths. 


Wood and Cushion L Shape Booth

Wood and Upholstery Combination Frame

A combination of wood and upholstery brings a rich and luxe ambiance into any venue. Contrast the upholstery with the natural wood tones for a standout effect.

All Wood Corner L Shape Restaurant Booth

Solid Wood Frame

Wood brings the warmth of nature into your venue. Rich and textured with natural striations, we offer many types of wood finishes from dark to light, to suit your décor theme. Ideal for bars, pubs and venues with a rustic décor theme. 

Custom Laminated L Shape Restaurant Booth

Laminated and Upholstered Combination

A modern and trendy look, ideal for clubs, restaurants, bars, airports, office reception areas and more. The shiny laminate perfectly offsets the upholstered look, adding a modern edge.

Metal and Upholstered L Shape Booth

Metal and Upholstered Combination

A cool and trendy choice for a modern establishment. The minimalist lines of the metal can be enhanced by black or white upholstery or toned down with warm Mediterranean shades. We can make any style, color and size you desire. 

Custom Corner Restaurant Booths L Shape

Assembly of L Shape Corner BoothSide and bottom screws allow you to unassemble and reassemble frame.

Square Corner Restaurant Booth

If the size matches, you can use your existing Restaurant Tables with standard square corner. No need of customizing corner to match with booth. 

Corner Restaurant Booth with People

Fits well against your standard corner room.


Single Door

When unassembled, the booth fits effortlessly through the standard 34" wide single door of a Home, Office, Building, Clinic, and more.


Corner Booth with People

Corner Booth with Round Seat and Back

Tufted Back Corner Booth

Curved corner promotes larger seating area.

Round Corner Seat and Back with People. Restaurant Booth

Visitors can sit at any point of booth seating area without blocking available space.

Curved Restaurant Booth Seating

Curved corners disperse space evenly.

Curved corners on L Shaped Booth

Smallest size of a curved corner booth is 36"Long x 36"Long.

L Shaped Booth with Curved Table Corner, Seat and Back

In order for table to match with booth corner, 1 corner of table must have a 12" Radius. This will allow a visitor to sit at corner section of booth. 

double doors

A curved booth will not fit through standard 34" Wide door. Must have double or large door way.

Corner triangle of an L Shaped Corner Booth

Corner Structure of an L Shaped Booth

Triangle filler is created to cover triangle corner. 

All Restaurant Booths below can be Custom Made to any size L Shape Corner Booth


Custom L Shape Corner Restaurant Booth Design Options 2

Custom L Shape Corner Restaurant Booth Design Options 1


The following information will assist us in calculating the best price for your Custom L Shaped Corner Restaurant Booth:

  • Booth style? We have Plain Back, Channel Back, Channel with Head Roll, Tufted Back and more.
  • Overall height? From floor to top of booth.
  • How long is each section?
  • Do you need a back cover on any section? Note that no back cover is required if the booth back will be against a flat wall with no windows.
  • What upholstery do you prefer? Check out our Upholstery Option A, Option B and Option C.
  • What is your ship to address? This will help us determine shipping cost.

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