Corner Restaurant Booth

Custom Corner Restaurant Booths

As a Restaurant Seating Manufacturer, we are able to make almost all of our booth designs into any shape and size. 

This includes the very popular L shape or Corner Restaurant Booth. 

The corner restaurant booth design brings many benefits to any dining area.

The length of each side does not need to match and can be built to take advantage of any available space.

Don’t see the design you want? No problem. We are accustomed to receiving designer orders that are not listed on our online catalog. With the proper specifications, we are able to build almost any design you want.  

Here you will learn about 2 of the Most Common Custom Corner Restaurant Booth styles to help you make the right choice when designing your Restaurant Banquette Booth Seating.

With dozens of designs to choose from, our custom Corner Restaurant Booths can be made into:

  • Upholstered Frame.
  • Wood and Upholstery Combination Frame.
  • Solid Wood Frame.
  • Laminated and Upholstered Combination.
  • Metal and Upholstered Combination.


Upholstered L Shape Corner Restaunrant Booth

Upholstered Frame

Wood and Cushion L Shape Booth

Wood and Upholstery Combination Frame


All Wood Corner L Shape Restaurant Booth

Solid Wood Frame

Custom Laminated L Shape Restaurant Booth

Laminated and Upholstered Combination

Metal and Upholstered L Shape Booth

Metal and Upholstered Combination


What is the Best Corner Booth for you? 

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1. Custom Corner Restaurant Booth with 90 Degree

Custom Corner Restaurant Booths L Shape

The L Shaped booths with 90 degree corners are considered by many to be more of a modern look and style. 

When you add a booth with a 90 degree corner to your dining area you get symmetry and balance. 


  • Easy to take appart and assemble.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to match with your standard square corner table. No need for custom corner table. 
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits well against your standard corner room.
  • When unassembled, the booth fits effortlessly through a standard 34" wide single door of a Home, Office, Building, Clinic, Restaurant and more. 

Assembly of L Shape Corner BoothSide and bottom screws allow you to unassemble and reassemble frame.

Square Corner Restaurant Booth

If the size matches, you can use your existing Restaurant Tables with standard square corner. No need of customizing corner to match with booth. 

Corner Restaurant Booth with People

Fits well against your standard corner room.


Single Door

When unassembled, the booth fits effortlessly through the standard 34" wide single door of a Home, Office, Building, Clinic, and more.

Things to consider:

Due to the shape of this booth, there might be unusable space on corner.

Corner Booth with People

A 90 Degree Corner Booth will be your best option if: 

  • Your Restaurant or Home is located on 2nd floor with no elevator large enough to fit your round booth.
  • The only entry way to your building is a single door.
  • You will not or are unable to perform mid level assembly of your booth. This might include small upholstery, connection of frame and more depending on structure and of your desired booth. 
  • A narrow hallway leads to destination of booth. 

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2. Custom Corner Restaurant Booth with Round Seat & Back

Corner Booth with Round Seat and Back

Considered by many as a Denny's Style booth, a Custom Corner Restaurant Booth with a round seat & back comes with many benefits besides its appearance.

This style of booth is one of the most popular style of corner booth and it is commonly used with some of the biggest Restaurant chains in the United States. 


  • Curves to maximize available space. 
  • All around comfortable seating for everyone. 
  • Curved corners better disperse space contributing to more available seating area.

Tufted Back Corner Booth

Curved corner promotes larger seating area.

Round Corner Seat and Back with People. Restaurant Booth

Visitors can sit at any point of booth seating area without blocking available space.

Curved Restaurant Booth Seating

Curved corners disperse space evenly.

Things to consider:

  • The minimum size of a curved L Shaped Corner Booth is 36"x36". This small size will only fit 1 or 2 people. 
  • The table for this booth must have a 12" radius corner to match the curve of the back rest and seat. It is crucial to consider this fact when calculating the cost of a corner L shaped booth. 
  • Double doors are required. Due to size of a curved booth, double doors or a minimum of 60" of space are required for an L Shaped corner booth with curved seat and back to fit. 
  • What is in the Corner Triangle? Every L shaped booth with curved seat & back corner need to be pushed forward to create the curved structure of seat and back. This creates an empty space at the corner. This empty space is filled with an upholstered, wood or laminated triangle to match the overall booth. 

Curved corners on L Shaped Booth

Smallest size of a curved corner booth is 36"Long x 36"Long.

L Shaped Booth with Curved Table Corner, Seat and Back

In order for table to match with booth corner, 1 corner of table must have a 12" Radius. This will allow a visitor to sit at corner section of booth. 

double doors

A curved booth will not fit through standard 34" Wide door. Must have double or large door way.

Corner triangle of an L Shaped Corner Booth

Corner Structure of an L Shaped Booth

Triangle filler is created to cover triangle corner. 

All Restaurant Booths below can be Custom Made to any size L Shape Corner Booth


Custom L Shape Corner Restaurant Booth Design Options 2

Custom L Shape Corner Restaurant Booth Design Options 1

Need a Price Quote? 

The following information will assist us in calculating the best price for your Custom L Shaped Corner Restaurant Booth: 

  • Booth style? We have Plain Back, Channel Back, Channel with Head Roll, Tufted Back and more.
  • Overall height? From floor to top of booth.
  • How long is each section? 
  • Do you need back cover on any section? No back cover is required if booth back will be against flat wall with no windows. 
  • What upholstery do you prefer? Check out our Upholstery Option A, Option B and Option C. 
  • What is your ship to address? This will help us determine shipping cost. 

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